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Luxury Ember

Rose + Oud

Rose + Oud

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Introducing our stunning Rose and Oud candle, a perfect pairing that combines floral elegance with a touch of mystery.

At the heart of this candle, the delicate fragrance of fresh roses takes center stage. As the flame gently illuminates, it releases a captivating aroma, filling your space with the sweet and romantic scent of blooming petals.

Complementing the rose's natural beauty is the alluring and enigmatic presence of Oud. This exotic ingredient adds a hint of intrigue to the composition, with its warm and smoky notes that create an enticing atmosphere.

Together, Rose and Oud intertwine effortlessly, creating a harmonious blend that brings a touch of luxury to any setting. Immerse yourself in the enchanting scent as it fills the air, allowing the delicate fragrance to transport you to a world of beauty and serenity.

Rose + Oud
Top: Oud, Peppercorn, Blackberry
Middle: Rose, Carnation
Base: Myrrh, Dark Musk, Amber

12 oz. Soy

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